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International Alcohol Beverage Industry

FIVS-Abridge is an invaluable resource for those interested in the legal aspects of the international alcohol beverage industry, particularly for those trading or intending to trade their products internationally.

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Our database consists of domestic regulations and relevant international agreements for markets around the world, covering topics such as certification, composition, labeling, marketing, packaging, production, promotion, tariffs, taxation and transportation.



Our Forums offer users a way to communicate and to network with other FIVS-Abridge subscribers. A special interactive section of the site enables users to submit useful information for others to see, as well as to exchange views and collaborate with each other on important issues. Links and contact information for industry, goverment, and inter-governmental organizations are also available.

An indispensable tool to provide both industry and government with practical information and to answer their queries. I use FIVS-Abridge at least once a week and it is often my only realistic option to find the information I really need.

André Matthee, Directory of Regulatory Services
South African Wine and Spirit Board

The APEC Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC) endorsed the establishment of the APEC Wine Regulatory Forum (WRF), which is comprised of government officials and stakeholders from 21 economies in the Pacific Rim region. FIVS-Abridge serves as the repository for the APEC WRF Compendia on Export Certification, Food Safety, and Labeling.