Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is FIVS-Abridge?

FIVS-Abridge is an invaluable resource for those interested in the legal aspects of the international alcohol beverage industry, particularly for those trading or intending to trade their products internationally. It is a comprehensive, up-to-date and interactive database of international regulations and trade agreements covering wine. FIVS-Abridge consists of a database of national regulations and relevant international agreements for markets around the world, covering topics such as certification, composition, labeling, marketing, packaging, production, promotion, tariffs, taxation and transportation. The database enables users to design "trade scenarios" for trade between selected markets. Users can also access regulatory information for different countries in side-by-side comparisons according to topic.

Where is the value?

Such a publicly available comprehensive website covering wine regulatory matters has never existed in one place and has never been interactive before. FIVS-Abridge enables users to readily access and compare information that would take hours to locate and evaluate otherwise.

How did FIVS-Abridge come into existence?

In 2006, trade associations and companies from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the USA and other markets decided to pool their resources to create a sophisticated data-bank of regulatory and trade agreement information and material from around the world. The challenges of obtaining sufficient resources, being comprehensive and remaining current led to a truly collaborative effort. The stakeholders understood that individual efforts would not adequately meet these challenges, and that international cooperation would be crucial in creating a viable site.

Who is FIVS-Abridge designed for?

The site is designed for professionals involved in sophisticated inquiries regarding regulatory and international trade issues related to wine. FIVS-Abridge contains helpful summaries of key regulations and commentaries by noted specialists, lists experts from around the world from whom further information may be obtained, and offers a venue for those engaged in the trade to communicate with one another.

What type of organization is FIVS-Abridge?

FIVS-Abridge is a for-profit LLC, incorporated in the state of Delaware in the USA. The nature of the services that FIVS-Abridge provides prevents it from being a non-profit organization.

How is FIVS-Abridge organized?

FIVS-Abridge is controlled by a Board of Managers. Day-to-day operations are handled by a Director and one full-time staff member. In addition, FIVS-Abridge has a Business Advisory Council, which advises on special business issues, and a Technical Advisory Council, which provides guidance on the development of the site itself.

What is FIVS-Abridge’s relationship to FIVS?

The President of FIVS also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Managers of FIVS-Abridge. FIVS-Abridge is a stand-alone company which was designed, among other things, to support FIVS in a number of ways. As a “start-up,” those managing FIVS-Abridge are focused on developing its capabilities in a way that supports FIVS’ strategic initiatives.

How does FIVS-Abridge support FIVS?

The FIVS-Abridge site complements the existing FIVS website, which focuses on activity in relation to future regulations and agreements within the organizations that FIVS monitors closely. The database furthers FIVS’ vision of “promoting a successful global alcohol beverage industry” through encouraging:

  • Mutual Acceptance
  • Harmonization
  • Trade Facilitation

FIVS-Abridge has enriched FIVS’ ability to access and share information with its members.

What is the subscription model and price?

FIVS-Abridge receives revenue from annual subscription fees. Those interested in subscribing may link to subscription information from the FIVS-Abridge home page ( Please contact FIVS-Abridge about group rates which have been established for multiple users within an organization and/or for a multiple year commitment. FIVS members are eligible for a reduced rate, which they may or may not elect to receive.

Who is FIVS-Abridge being marketed to?

Potential subscribers who have been approached include producers, retailers, law firms, government agencies, universities and industry suppliers.

What is the future direction of FIVS-Abridge?

FIVS-Abridge has extended its coverage of regulatory and international trade information and materials beyond wine into distilled spirits.

How do I contact FIVS-Abridge?

You can find contact information for FIVS-Abridge at:, or

FIVS-Abridge, LLC
7409 Beverly Road
Bethesda, MD 20814
T: +1 202 486 1390

OR via FIVS:

1, Cour du Havre
75008 Paris, FRANCE
T: +33 (0) 1 87 40 57 26